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Issue - 10

15th July 2015

The night that was!!

(Photos by Binu Photography)

It was a full house when Padmasree Jayaram walked into the hall with his wife Parvathy Jayaram while the waiting audience burst into loud applause. What followed was one of the best displays of cultural programs representing several Indian states. There was music, dance, humour, serious talks, Jugal Bandhi, and drum beats to rhythm… Thus we marked the 20th anniversary of Ozindcare. For many it was a show not to be missed.

The program went on well and was well received. Various art forms representing various states from India were presented. It was a golden opportunity for many to enjoy variety of cultural programs that they never witnessed before. When Jayaram spoke in length about the importance of giving, there was a lot of good will and the audience liked the way it was presented. The live conversation with the stars was well enjoyed by all. In fact it was the first time when such an arrangement was made to converse with stars and there were many questions put to the stars.

It was also announced that Ozindcare will work with “Jayaram Cancer Foundation” a charity in Kerala lead by Jayaram. There were slight hick ups, but at the end of the day, people went home knowing that they were a part of a noble cause of “helping the helpless”. Ozindcare raised over $12,000 with this program. As always, the amount will reach the real needy in full. The committee on behalf of all our past, present and future recipients of service, would like to thank Padmasree Jayaram, Parvathy Jayaram, Jack Chembrika, all our sponsors, volunteers, members and supporters for making this function a grant success.

Financial assistance exceeds $18K this year

We would like to inform all our members and supporters that during the last financial year from 1st July 2014 to 30th June 2015, Ozindcare donated a total of $18,619.58 in financial assistance to18 individuals and organisations in India and in Australia.

Photos and Videos of
“Art of India”

The photos are ready for download here: http://www. binuphotography.com.au/ artofindia2015
Binu as always has done a great job. To cover the cost of production, we are charging a moderate amount of $4 per download. All proceeds from this production will be donated to Ozindcare funds to “help the helpless”.
We have lots of enquiries regarding the video. It will soon be ready and will be sold at the cost. We thank all those who attended the function for cooperating with us by refraining from taking own videos. To register your interest, please contact Ozindcare by email: admin@ozindcare.com or ring any of the committee members.

Do you like to organise a program for Ozindcare Fund Raising on your own?
Do you like to volunteer for Ozindcare activities like food sale, ticket sales or any other fundraising activities?
Please feel free to contact the committee.

Ice Bucket Challenge
(Our supporter’s action)

The Ice Bucket challenge, the phenomenal social media campaign that swept the world to promote awareness of Motor Neurone Disease or the Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis was undertaken by Ammu Premkumar at Marulan NSW but with a twist – The challenge this time was to support Ozindcare’s Nepal earthquake appeal. Ammu bravely accepted the challenge thrown by her friends in -2 degree Celsius on the 8th of June 15. This was then followed by an Esky filled with Ice and water being poured over her head.See picture below
Our sincere gratitude to the following people who contributed: Prem Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Reena Sunil and Mohan/Mini Menon. Just proves there are numerous ways and means to contribute to Ozindcare.

It is simple: You can transfer
through the bank.
Bank Details:
BSB: 012209
Acc. No: 212639156
Acc. Name: Ozindcare Inc.
Message: (name) donation.

(Please note: our accounts with St.George Bank DO NOT exist anymore)
Please e mail us your address to
We will send you the receipt.

You helped them
in the past 2 months:

May 2015

  • Gowri - Chennai. Provided financial assistance of $436 for her nursing course.


  • Amrita - Rs 60000/- Annual fee and expenses for her engineering studies. This is the second year running
  • Aneesh - Rs 33000/- for his fees for Engineering studies.

The above recipients convey their sincere gratitude to all Ozindcare members and supporters. Their progress in studies are always reported to the committee. We hope that once they are able to be on their own, they will be part of a charity to help others too.

A change in program.
Earlier we had announced that our next fundraising program exclusively for Santhwana Bangalore will be held on 10th October 2015. Due to unsustainable cost we are forced to change the date and the venue. The program will be held for the same cause.
Date: Sunday 1st November 2015
Venue: Redgum Function Centre. Wentworthville.

Ozindcare Nepal appeal

Ozindcare will be helping to rehabilitate people of an entire village in Nepal

Mrs Paru Tiwari

Paru Tiwari has been working tirelessly ever since the tragedy struck the nation. She lives in Sydney with her family but has been travelling to Nepal to coordinate the relief effort on her own with the help of Nepalese army making sure that every dollar spent reaches the real needy in full. With her help, Ozindcare will be providing shelter for the inhabitants of an entire village in one of the most affected areas.

We will update on this project further through our next edition of the news letter.

From our Youth Committee..

Ozindcare Youth was inaugurated on 20th of June 2015. As a youth group, we want different communities across Australia to have active Youth members to highlight key issues and bring awareness to a global spectrum. Although we are starting small, our main aim is to have proactive Youth groups that want to help the helpless.

As we are still establishing, it would be essential for us to start small and slowly build into a group that can be recognised with our logo. Getting involved with different Youth groups from different charities is a part of a larger plan of making awareness and tackling the greater issues in this world. Everyone wants to make a difference and this Youth group is where a start can be made.

As our first initiative, we welcome anyone to come along to our Blood Drive that will be held in August. We would like to invite anyone that would like to become a member for Ozindcare Youth and would like a great opportunity to get to know like-minded caring people, who are willing to help those who need it. More details will be available in the next month.

Please follow us on Facebook or email us on ozindcareyouth@gmail.com.

“Empowering Our Youth to Help the Helpless”

Like to help Ozindcare?
Visit:www.ozindcare.com or mail: admin@ozindcare.com

Ozindcare Youth Flagged off

Ozindcare took a big step forward on 20th June’15 when Jayaram, himself an ambassador for Jayaram Cancer Foundation, flagged off our Ozindcare Youth Committee in front of a full house supporters.

Jayaram speaking after flagging off Ozindcare Youth –( Photo by Binu Photography)

Some of the Youth members were not even born when Ozindcare was first formed. Jayaram spoke about the importance of spreading the message of charity among the next generation and how it will help to develop their character and career. He congratulated all the members of the youth committee and wished them well.

Earlier the youth representatives presented their vision and their mode of operation to the audience. After the function, we had lots of enquiries from many young people in the community wanting to work with Ozindcare youth.

Please send us your enquiries through email admin@ozindcare.com. The youth committee will be in touch with you.

If you need any further information, please contact Ozindcare committee
members on:
Phone: 0402 385581, 0407 836689, 0425 279651, 0439 570115
E-mail; admin@ozindcare.com
Visit our Cyber home: www.ozindcare.com

Ozindcare - Helping The Helpless!

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