About Ozindcare Youth

About Ozindcare Youth

Ozindcare will soon be forming a youth committee to be known as “Ozindcare youth”.

This will function as an independent committee headed by youth representatives. We hope this will encourage young university students and graduates to work for the charity of “Helping the helpless”. The main aim for this committee will be to attract more young and charity minded people to this great organisation and to be able to expand our volunteer service to more needy and helpless both in India and elsewhere.

"Great oppertunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us everyday.
- Sally Koch"

We are overjoyed that many young people have come forward to show their support and interest to join Ozindcare youth committee to enhance and expand our service of helping the helpless

If you like to be part of this great team, please contact any of the Ozindcare Committee members or through e mail: admin@ozindcare.com