Art of India

Art of India

We are looking for volunteers to help managing the show “art of India”. Volunteers will be responsible for ticket collections at the gate, souvenir distribution, seating, prize distributions, food sales etc. Volunteers are also expected to be in the hall on a specified time. If you are interested please contact Ozindcare through . or by phone on 0402 385581. “Working for Ozindcare will cost you nothing”

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    Saturday June 20th, 2015


    6:30 p.m.

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    Bahai Function Centre, Sydney

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    Preparations are underway for the celebrations of our 20th anniversary “Art of India” which will be conducted on Saturday, 20th June at Bahai Centre Silverwater. As usual this is promising to be one of the best shows our community has seen in the recent past. Well known art forms representing many of the Indian states will be presented by some of the best artists in Sydney. We are overwhelmed by the support given by them for our charity organisation. This will be the best opportunity to witness and enjoy the top talented artists from all over Sydney perform on the stage.

    The speciality of the show does not end there. As we have announced before, Padmasree Jayaram, a well-known south Indian film star will be attending the function with his wife Mrs. Parvathy Jayaram a famous former Malayalam actress. Over the years Jayaram has won the heart and appreciation of millions of South Indians for his talents both on the stage and the screen. His presence will give extra flair for the program.

    Above all, we consider this as a good opportunity to raise our funds. Ozindcare collects its funds through conducting such high quality cultural programs. Every dollar collected reaches the real needy in India and in some extreme cases in other countries too. We feel the cost is set very reasonable and one can feel that he/she has taken part in the noble cause of helping the helpless by attending this function. The support you give to Ozindcare will turn out to be a great help for many poor who are struggling to meet their needs to have basic life.

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