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Dr Siva

Approved donation of $1,000 towards the cost of flying Dr Siva's body back to India, apparently the cost will be $15,000. Dr Siva a new migrant to Australia died in an accident at Adelaide.

Nithin Mathew

Donated $1,000 to Nithin Mathew – Kollam, Kerala. Nithin wants to study for BSC Nursing so that he could make a good living for himself and the family. The cost of the study is way out of reach for Nithin’s poor family.


$1,000 donated to Vijesh, Kodiyeri, Thalassery. Twenty five year old Vijesh recently had a kidney transplant and is going through the follow up treatments. The cost of treatment is not affordable to Vijesh’s poor family.

Paneer Selvam

$4222 was donated to Paneer Selvam’s family in Tamil Nadu. Paneer Selvam a recent migrant to Australia from Tamil Nadu, India, died at Westmead hospital after a tragic accident at Bondi beach. The fund was raised via “Paneer Selvam appeal”.


Donated $500 to Sudheesh, Perambar, Calicut. Sudheesh, a 21 old budding poet was recently diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called Hodgkins disease. His is due to undergo bone marrow transplant which would cost him around six Lakhs.


Donated $1,000 to Sargent-Wilson’s family. Sargent-Wilson is recently been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He is a 10 month old baby and is taking chemotherapy since Boxing-day 2006. The treatment cost is covered by the government however due to this situation the family is incurring so much other expenditure which has put enormous financial strain on them.

Lynette Stanley

Ozindcare has donate $1,000 to Lynette Stanley. Mrs Stanley lives at Casula, NSW. Lynette is diagnosed with bowel cancer which is unfortunately had spread to the liver and bones. During the last 12 months she has undergone various treatments of chemotherapy (all being funded by the Australian Government. However the government is not funding a particular chemo treatment that Lynette is currently on and this costing her $1,600 per week.


Donated $1,000 to Govindankutty, 39yrs old from Thrissur, Kerala. Govindankutty had an accident 15 years ago and both of his legs were paralyzed. But now situation is worse, both of his kidneys have failed. By doing dialysis thrice a week his life is sustaining. He is financially unsound and he has only his old mother for help.


An amount of $1,000 was donated to Vincent from Thrissur, Kerala. His daughter Vigi is a heart patient and in need for a heart operation urgently. Vincent’s poor family doesn’t have any assets to sell or any other sources that they can approach to get the money for the operation.


Donated an amount of $1,000 to Mr Ramesh to help towards the medical treatment for his eight years old son Siddharth. Siddharth is diagnosed with Lukemia and currently receiving treatment and he responding positively to the treatment.