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Rnajit Chattha

Donated $1,000 to Rnajit Chattha, Sydney, whose husband tragically lost 2 brothers and her husband went into severe depression, also lost his job. Due to being in debt with the bank the court has ordered large part of her wages to be held to pay off the debts. She was in serious financial hardship as she has to support her 2 little kids and her seriously depressed husband. Ozindcare supported Rnajit by donating $1,000 so that she can make ends meet while she is paying off her debts.

Sayantan Mukherjee

A request received from Sayantan Mukherjee, Kolkata. Sayantan is suffering from end stage renal disease and needs an immediate kidney transplant. The operation will incur Rs10 lakhs which is beyond their means. Ozindcare has approved $1,000 for Sayantan Mukherjee.


Received request from Mr Chandrasekaran, Tamil Nadu. Chandrasekar became a Paraplegic after a car accident. Now has developed severe bedsore which requires urgent treatment and the cost for the treatment is around RS46,000. Ozindcare has approved $1,000 for Chndrasekaran.


Ozindcare has donated $1,000 towards Nithin’s 2nd year Nursing study costs. Ozindcare has helped Nithin with his first year fees and he is requesting help to pay for the second year’s fees.

Children from Coimbatore

Donated RS5,000 to 5 children from a slum area of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. This is to help them with the education, uniform, books and other study materials


Donated $1,000 to Mr Devasya, Kuruppanattu, Kannur. Devasya is diagnosed with Manle Cell Lymphoma and is need for chemotherapy. The family is struggling to meet the cost of the treatment and daily living cost.

Sr.Eileen Mary

Received a request from Sr.Eileen Mary, Sasatankota, Kollam, Kerala. Sr. Mary is running a home for children from poor families and provides them with education, food, accommodation and medicine. Sr.Mary is asking for some contributions toward the cost of running this home. Ozindcare has donated $500 towards this home.

Navajyothi Charitable Trust

An amount of $1,500 was donated to Navajyothi Charitable Trust at Calicut for the ongoing sponsorship of 15 Children. Navajyothi is a special school for the mentally disabled children. Ozindcare has been sponsoring Navajyothi since 2001.

Janaseva Sisubhavan

An amount of $1,000 was donated to Janaseva Sisubhavan at Aluva towards the sponsorship of 10 children. This organisation rescues the children abducted by the beggar mafia and provides them a home, hence giving them a chance to lead a life full of love and affection. Ozindcare has been sponsoring Sisubhavan since 2003.

Sneha Bhavan

$1,000 was donated to Sneha Bhavan, Thondiyil unit who cares for the elderly, sick and the blind. Ozindcare has been sponsoring Sneha Bhavan since 2002.

P I John

Donated $1,000 to P I John from Trivandram towards treatment of his daughter who is suffering from cerebral palsy.