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Sajitha. P.V

Received a request for help to study B.Ed. at Calicut University by Sajitha. P.V. from Trichur, Kerala. Sajitha is from a poor family supported by her mothers meager income as labour worker. She is a high academic achiever and wanted to further her studies and get a job to support her struggling family. However she could not afford to pay the tuition fees required for the above course (Rs.26,305.00) .Ozindcare have decided to pay the amount required for completing the Course.

Shylaja Antherjanam

Payyanur (Kannur Dt) Aalakkad Palakunnath Illam, Parameswaran Namboothiri's wife Shylaja Antherjanam (Kaithappram Kanjirapalli illam) suffering from kidney diseases, and she is undergoing dialysis 3 times a week at PVS Hospital - Calicut. Parameswaran Namboothiri currently working as a shanthi in Ramanattukara Kootukurumba Bhagavathi temple, but he is also suffering from severe skeletol probles as he had undergone a severe surgery couple of years back. So his physcical condition does not allow him to take heavy duty jobs.They have 2 children (1 boy (3 std) and 1 girl (7th std)). Currently they have left with a 4 cent land+home near Ramanattukara and the doctor advised them to undergo a kidney transplatation surgery as soon as possible. But the current financial situation does not allow them to go for a major surgery as th estimate for the transplantation itself is a huge amount. Ozindcare have decided to contribute $1000 to this family to get some relief from the financial problem.

Neeraj Pande

$1,000 paid to Neeraj Pande. Neeraj is not a premanent resident and he came to Aus from India on a Work VISA. The whole family met with an accident on 5th of Oct, 09 on Cuthill Road at Cobbitty where he lives. His wife Bina is in intensive care till today. Neeraj is in Liverpool Hospital, Ward 3 East, bed no. 51. At this moment he can sit only and can't walk on his own as well. Have neck injury. His wife is on visiting visa for one year period. He will not have job for another 3 to 4 months. They have 7 year old son Abishake who had his birthday recently. He is in Westmed hospital. The little boy had an operation on his cheeks. Ozindcare committee members, Anita and Leslie visited them and was found he is need for financial support and have donated $1,000.


Ozindcare has donated $1,000 towards Nithin’s 3nd year Nursing study costs. Ozindcare has supporting Nithin’s Nursing studies from the start.

Mrs Kiran Lata

Kiran is from Fiji she is married with 3 children. She has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The treatment required is not available in Fiji. As per specialists advice she has to go through an urgent operation and subsequent chemotherapy. Estimate cost is over $25,000. They have been collecting funds from friends and family, Ozindcare contributed $1,000 towards her operations.


$1,000 is approved for Kavita from Sydney. This particular family was going through very bad times in their life. In this family, the wife Kavitha, was working in a hospital and went into coma, for few weeks. She was asked to leave her job until she gets herself certified fit. Now that family has decided to go to India and get the treatment, the family was struggling financially.

Baghya Lakshmi

Ozindcare provided $1,000 financial help to Baghya Lakshmi. Baghya Lakshmi was in a huge financial problem. She couldn’t find a way to pay off her large debts and support her son’s higher studies and tried to commit suicide.


$1,000 was donated to Vanaja, Palakad for her husband Krishnadas’s operation. Krishnadas was diagnosed with a growth on his spine and was need of an operation.


Financial help of RS25,000 was given to Bharathi, Kerala. Bharathi’s husband has been bed ridden for years. Bharithi’s family is very poor and survives from Bharathi’s meager income as a housemaid.


$1,000 was donated to Navajyothi, special school for the mentally disabled. Ozindcare has been sponsoring Navajyothi since 2001.


Donated $500 to Mr Antony who has been in hospital for more than three months after his spinal cord was damaged in an accident. He is in need of an immediate operation and this will cost lakhs of rupees and his wife and two young daughters are helpless. They have borrowed money against their house and property for the treatment, still short of the amount needed.


Financial assistance was given to Manoharan, Thalassery, Kerala. Manoharan is a diabetic patient with severe conditions, due to his illness he is not able to work. Ozindcare has donated $1,000 to Manoharan towards food and medical expenses.