Frequently Asked Questions


We have compiled following commonly asked questions. Please go through them and if you feel you require further information or any other question, please contact one of our volunteers or

  • What does Ozindcare stand for?

    Ozindcare was established on 06 August 1995 by a group of like minded expatriate Indians to help the helpless. The name Ozindcare was born out of Australia-India-Care

  • Who runs Ozindcare?

    Ozindcare is run by a committee of dedicated volunteers who all have one common goal of help the helpless.

  • What does Ozindcare actually do?

    Ozindcare helps the people in need on short term and long term basis based on the situation. We help individuals and organisations by providing monitory assistance and support medical treatment assistance, educational sponsorships, child health, child protection from violence and exploitation, aged care, economic support and natural disasters.

    Ozindcare is non-political and non-religious organisation provides aid to the helpless on a non-discriminatory basis. Ozindcare has no religious, racial or political affiliations.

    Ozindcare's approach is to use low-cost, low-administration and distribute 100% of funds collected reaches the needy.

    Ozindcare is funded by the individual and family membership, voluntary contributions of individuals and businesses, funds raised through events and event sponsorships.

  • What countries does Ozindcare work in?

    Ozindcare works in India where the need for help is greatest.

  • How to request for help?

    Please make a request by providing following information through one of our volunteers or contacting directly via

    • Name of the Benefitiary
    • Description of difficulty faced
    • How the aid will help
    • Name of the Key Contact
    • Contact Details (Phone Number, Email Address, Street Address)
    • Supporting documents / Refereal letters (like Dr referral letters)

  • How to request are processed?

    We receive 100's of applications for help every year. We want to ensure that we service the needy and following is the general guidelines on how we process your requests:

    • Any request without verifiable information will automatically denied
    • On receipt of your request, Ozindcare volunteers, here in Australia or in India, contact you either in person or by phone.
    • Your request will be assessed by our volunteer and recommend to the committee for approval
    • The committee process requests in a timely manner and advice the requester on the outcome.
    • The contributions are paid either directly in person through our volunteers or via bank account transfer.

    Please note: Even if your request satisfies contribution, there is no guarantee it will be met due to the overwhelming number of requests received each year

  • How do I donate to Ozindcare?

    You can make a donation to Ozindcare in the following ways:

    • Donate by Cheque/Money Order made out to: Ozindcare Inc. and please mail to:
      Ozindcare Inc
      22 Karuk street,
      Pemulway, NSW 2145.

      For receipting purposes please include your details
    • You can donate directly into Ozindcare's bank account
      Bank: ANZ
      Account name: Ozindcare Inc
      BSB: 012 209
      Account: 212639156
      Message / Ref: (Your Name) Donation

      If you would like a receipt for a direct transfer, please email with your name, address, donation amount and date of deposit

  • Is my donations to Ozindcare is tax deductible?

    No. Ozindcare is a registered Australian charity with registration number ABN: 22 412 657 291 and has all the endorsement to operate as non-profit organisation except endorsement for tax deductibility (see also : Why aren't donations made to Ozindcare tax deductible?)

  • Why aren’t donations made to Ozindcare tax deductible?

    It’s one of the popular question and following explains our situation.

    There are two types of endorsements available under Australian Government rules.

    • Tax Charity Concession endorsement from the government. This means that Ozindcare don't pay same level of tax as profit making business.
    • Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) endorsement under International Aid status to get tax deductibility.
    Ozindcare do not have the DGR endorsement from ATO and hence donations to Ozindcare are not tax deductible.
    We have looked into getting the DGR status but the magnitude of Ozindcare operations are significantly lesser than the efforts required to obtain the DGR status and hence haven't applied for DGR status.

  • What is involved in getting DGR status?

    Ozindcare provide funds for the relief of people in developing countries and can apply for classification as Overseas Aid Fund and DGR endorsement. This is a complex and time consuming process. Let us explain in detail:

    Firstly Ozindcare need to get an "apporved organisation" status with Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). This is a three step process:

    • Obtain the ‘approved organisation’ status from by the Minister for Foreign Affairs.
    • Register Ozindcare as a charity with the ACNC (Ozindcare is already a registered organisation with ACNC)
    • Apply for endorsement to the ATO showing that Ozindcare is a public fund exclusively for the relief of persons in countries declared by the Minister for Foreign Affairs as ‘developing’.
    Secondly, apply for DGR endorsement with Australian Tax Office (ATO). This is a two step process:
    • Obtain the ‘approved organisation’ status from Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
    • After getting the approval, apply to Australian Tax Office (ATO) endorsement as a ‘Developing Country Relief Fund' for tax deductibility

  • What is the impact of non DGR Status?

    The DGR status hasn't affected our mission of helping the helpless. In the past 20 years, Ozindcare has established itself as an organisation of repute and raised more than $200,000 in the form of memberships, donations, running food stalls, organising fundraising events etc without tax deductibility.

    If there is a need arises for DGR status in future, we will be pursuing the same. .

  • Our Mission

    To restore human dignity to suffering humanity. To offer an appropriate channel for those who want to respond to large scale humanitarian disaster, to promote health and welfare initiatives both in Australia and India and to ensure that every penny collected is made expendable to those affected in timely assistance